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For students' comfortable lives, each room is fully furnished with a bathroom (with a toilet), an air conditioner, a sink, a bed, a desk, and a refrigerator. Shared facilities include a laundry room and a lounge for interactions with other resident students. A janitor is stationed in the House to support students in their daily lives. Regarding room rates, there is a financial assistance program available for international students. For details, please refer to the Costs of Residency.

Overview of the International House

Location2-2-26, Chuo, Joto-ku, Osaka 536-0005
Tel: +81-6-6935-8990
Structure12-story, reinforced steel building
Total floor areaApproximately 3,050 m2 (approx. 922 tsubo)
1st FloorJanitor's Room, etc.
2nd Floor to 11th Floor90 residence rooms
Shared Facilities1F:Lounge, bicycle parking lot, garbage collection point
2F:Laundry room

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Access to each campus

Eligibility for residency

・You must be a registered student of Osaka Institute of Technology or Setsunan University.
・You must agree to and observe the Rules of the International House.
・It is not possible for you to commute to university from your own home as your home is located far from the university.

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Conditions of residency

In principle, the period of occupancy is one year or less from April 1 to March 31.
The period, however, can be extended by completing the predetermined procedures.
For new residents, you must submit an Occupancy Application Form within two weeks before the day you wish to move into the House.

Costs of residency

Room Rates

Occupancy PeriodRatesNotes
1 month\50,000
  • For periods of 15 days or longer, the rate for one month is applied.
  • For international students, a monthly assistance of \15,000 is provided.
Less than 14 days\25,000

You will be billed for the actual expenses of electricity, gas, water, and telephone.
* A deposit is not required.

Facilities and Rooms

Residence Room: Ready-to-live-in, furnished single room

Lounge:A place for relaxation and interaction among residents.

Laundry Room: Ten washer-dryer combos are installed.

Access to each campus

Transportation map

Time required to travel to each campus

Omiya Campus, Osaka Institute of Technology (Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Intellectual Property)

Hirakata Campus, Osaka Institute of Technology (Faculty of Information Science and Technology)

Neyagawa Campus, Setsunan University (Faculty of Law, Faculty of Foreign Studies, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Business Administration, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Center for Japanese Language)

Hirakata Campus, Setsunan University (Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences)

Contact Us

International House of Josho Gakuen Educational Foundation

Address: 2-2-26, Chuo, Joto-ku, Osaka 536-0005

Inquiries regarding residency

Organization for Social Cooperation,Person in Charge
Address: 5-16-1, Omiya, Asahi-ku, Osaka 535-8585

Inquiries via e-mail

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