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Goals of Josho Gakuen / School Emblem

Goals of Josho Gakuen

For the world, for the people and the community, Our foundation strives to develop specialists with science-based practical skills who play an important role in society.
In 1922 when Josho Gakuen Educational Foundation (hereinafter referred to as "Josho Gakuen,") was established, Osaka had been transformed from simply a commercial city into one of Japan's largest industrial and commercial cities. However, there was a great lack of engineering technologists who could help achieve the urban growth in Osaka. The situation desperately needed specialists schooled in solid theory along with practical application. In such a social context, key people, such as Kyozaburo Honjo, who later became one of the founders, and Yasushi Kataoka, the first president, worked together to establish Kansai Engineering Technical School with the aim of developing skilled human resources who could readily work in engineering at lower- and mid-levels in the rapidly industrialized city of Osaka.
Our pride has always been our instructors, who have always brought their knowledge of the current theories and practices in industry into their classrooms. The school started with two departments, one was architecture and the other was civil engineering, including night courses. Many of our graduates were directly engaged in the urban development in Osaka, with one project being the widening of Midosuji boulevard.

School Emblem

Natural solar energy continues to give us blessings. We use the shape of the sun in our emblem to represent our commitment to the creation of a friendly school that continues to be a source of wisdom. The lines depict the surface of an ever flowing river and they represent a never ceasing drive for knowledge and progress. The color blue represents a calm, yet lively mind which is called "trust blue" that represents trust in our academic pursuits and a mutual trust. The gray field is referred to as "Warm Gray" since it represents the environment that surrounds the trust that blue represents.

(Established on December 15, 1986.)

School Emblem