2. Message from Josho Gakuen

Message from Josho Gakuen

Josho Gakuen will celebrate its 100th anniversary on October 30, 2022. Josho Gakuen Educational Foundation was founded in 1922 originally as Kansai Engineering Technical School. Our founding mission was to develop specialists with practical skills who can take an active role in various fields. This mission was then passed on to other schools of our group, namely Osaka Institute of Technology and Josho Gakuen High School. To meet society's demand for new types of human resources, we also added Setsunan University and Hiroshima International University to our group. More recently in April 2011, we established Josho Gakuen Junior High School. Two years later, Josho Gakuen merged with Josho Keiko Gakuen in April 2013. We have now developed into a comprehensive group of schools, consisting of three universities, two high schools and two junior high schools, with a total enrollment of approximately 25,000 students. The total number of graduates from our group schools to date has reached about 310,000, and many of them are playing a leading role in the academic, industrial and governmental sectors.

We have drawn up long-term goals based on our grand vision "J-Vision22" for the 100th anniversary and have implemented our medium-term goals and plans for the 15 years from fiscal 2008, divided into three five-year periods. In the first period, the goal was to improve the employment rate of graduates, etc. with a view to securing the applicants. In the second period, each university and school in our group has tackled its own issues respectively, and almost all goals were achieved. Now in the third period from fiscal 2018, we are reaching the final stage to accomplish the last goals and plans.
We will establish the brand of Josho Gakuen and aim to further improve our quality as a "school of choice".

If this website can create a better understanding of our group, we would be more than grateful.

Chairman of the Administrative Board
Yasushi Nishimura