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Code of Conduct

Establishment of the Code of Conduct of Josho Gakuen Educational Foundation

In an effort to embody goals of Josho Gakuen Educational Foundation (hereinafter referred to as "Josho Gakuen"), "For the world, for the people and for the community, our foundation strives to develop specialists with science-based practical skills who play an important role in society" (established in 1922), we bring together our students, their parents, graduates and the faculty as one family and aim, via mutual trust and communication, for the lasting growth and development of Josho Gakuen.

Under the current management policy all of the board members, trustees and faculty of Josho Gakuen should deepen their own understanding of the educational principles. These include, the development of intellectual human resources and interpersonal skills for those individuals who will play an important role in society and make concrete contribution, based on high moral values. To this end, we need to realize anew that Josho Gakuen is a member of society. Moreover, it is essential for each one of us to realize our social and public roles and strive to collaborate with society and gain its trust in us. This is why we need not only to enhance our compliance awareness, but also to put it into practice. We ask each one of you to carefully read and understand the purpose of the code of conduct provided below and join forces in our effort to ensure its thorough practice. If you should find any behavior against this policy among board members, trustees or the faculty, please report it to your superior, a separately designated person responsible for or in charge of compliance promotion, or whistleblowing desk (in internal audit office).

Yasushi Nishimura
Chairman of the Administrative Board
Josho Gakuen Educational Foundation

Josho Gakuen Code of Conduct

Member of Josho Gakuen establish the Code of Conduct here in an effort to enhance compliance awareness and ensure its thorough practice. The Code of Conduct is the basic guidelines for behavior for each board member, trustee, and faculty to observe in order for Josho Gakuen to actively fulfill its social responsibilities. We, the members of Josho Gakuen, will strive to behave responsibly and conscientiously in compliance with this Code of Conduct and by upholding high moral values.

Chapter 1 Education and Research Activities

  • 1. Basic Attitude toward Education and Research

    We will disclose the objective, content and evaluation method of our classes to students in an accurate manner and engage in their education and guidance with passion and responsibility while continuously honing our skills in teaching and giving learning andassist to students. We will also strive to create a perfect learning environment for students and if any accident should occur, we will promptly implement the best measures available.

  • 2. Respect for Human Rights and Other People

    We will honor human rights and respect each other and will not discriminate against anyone in any way. In particular, we will use our best efforts to prevent sexual harassment, power harassment, academic harassment, and bullying.

  • 3. Fair Admissions

    To achieve fair admissions based on our admissions policy, we will actively provide accurate information to applicants, their parents, junior high schools, senior high schools, preparatory schools, and cram schools. We will make every effort to provide as many opportunities as possible to take our entrance examinations to all applicants, including those with physical disabilities.

  • 4. Use of Research Results and Intellectual Property Right

    We will reflect our research results in our education and share them with society. For innovative technology seeds we have developed on our own, we will use them as our intellectual property rights for the development of industries by promoting their technology transfer. Moreover, we will make every effort to comply with applicable laws and regulations, to use research funds in an appropriate manner and to conduct research in a proper manner, based on ethics for researchers.

Chapter 2 Harmonious Coexistence with Society

  • 1. Interactions with Society

    With the acute awareness that Josho Gakuen is a member of society, we will actively participate and cooperate in social activities. In particular, we will build and deepen our relationships with local communities and thereby contribute to the development of society at large. Upon requests from society, we will provide our professional expertise and in the event of a large-scale natural disaster, commit ourselves to support activities in collaboration with related organizations.

  • 2. Conservation of Global Environment

    In an effort to realize a sustainable society, we will promote environmental education that focuses on the impact of human activities on the global environment and aims for the conservation and improvement of environment. At the same time, we will actively share our research results on the efficient use of energy, industrial waste reduction, and others to society.

  • 3. Disclosure of Information and Accountability

    We will disclose information on the educational philosophy, management principles, business plan, and financial status of the Josho Gakuen not only to students, pupils, their parents, graduates and the faculty, but also to society at large. We will take different views and requests regarding education and student assist seriously and strive to respond to them in a sincere and accountable manner.

Chapter 3 Attitude as Members of Josho Gakuen

  • 1. Compliance with Laws and Regulations and Professional Ethics

    By observing the Josho Gakuen's policy, rules and the direction of the immediate superiors and managers as established by office organization, we will strive to keep order in the workplace. With the acute awareness of professional ethics as persons engaging in educational activities, we will comply with laws and regulations and endeavor to become a reliable group of professionals who can be trusted by society.

  • 2. Protection and Management of Information

    We will manage information obtained through our operations, such as personal information of the faculty, students, graduates, and applicants and other personal data including grades, properly and with the utmost care and take every preventive measure against the leakage of confidential information.

  • 3. Creation of a Sound and Cheerful Workplace

    We will endeavorto create a workplace where respect for others and their human rights prevails, where no discrimination exists against any person, and where each individual can full free play to his/her individuality and creativity. At the same time, we will strive to comply with safety and health laws and regulations and maintain a safe and healthy workplace.

  • 4. Proper and Fair Operations

    We will never receive extra money, other benefits, or entertainment from others in relation to our operations. We will select our suppliers in a fair and appropriate manner and manage the assets of Josho Gakuen properly. For public funds, we will use them in an effective and proper manner, based on a full understanding that they are taxpayers' money.